1. FICHT, Geo A.; FICHT, Valentine; FICHT, Sarah DRAKE.

2. FICHT, Frances A.

3. TURNER, Joseph H.

4. (left) GUNN, Sarah M. / (centre) GUNN, Mary A. / DRAKE, Phineas.

5. (left) DRAKE, Esther / TUTTLE, Hezekiah and Mary, DRAKE, Roxa; / TARRANT.

6. (left) JONES, William / (right) KNAGGS, Johth.

7. (left) unknown / KNAGGS, Ann wife of John KNAGGS / unknown.

8. unknown.

9. MANSON, Janet daughter of Wm. and Martha. / POOLE, ? Geo. A. and Nancy E. / BOUTELL, Francis H.

10. WARWICK, Minnie E. daughter of James and Amy / TAYLOR, Sert. James.

11. (left) LUDLOW, C. W., LEE Susan / (centre) HARTSELL, Henry son of Fred and Agnes / (right) TUTTLE, Morris Fletcher son of S. C and L.

12. MERCER, Ethel; Mary F.

13. BUCKBERRY, Wilson

14, BRENTON, James A.

15. WORBYS, Eliza A. MALE wife of James WORBYS.

16. KITCHEN, Abbie Maude wife of E. B. WARBOYS.

17. WORBYS, James

18. TEMPLER, Hannah J. TUTTLE wife of R. L. TEMPLER.

19. TEMPLER, Ralph C.

20. TUTTLE, Samuel C.; Lydia TUTTLE; Mary M. ANDERSON; Jessie M. BENNETT.

21. MANSON, William wife Martha FOX.

22. RANKIN, Samuel and Ellen SLEIGHOLM.

23. RANKIN, Albert A. son of Samuel and Ellen RANKIN.

24. HOPKINS, George R.

25. Ann wife of George R. HOPKINS.

26. Mary A. HOPKINS; John H. HOPKINS.

27. Sarah wife of John GUNN.

28. John GUNN.

29. Francis LEE; Harriet LEE; Susan LEE, Henry LEE.

30. TUTTLE, Hezekiah.

31. Mary CLEMONS wife of Hezekiah TUTTLE.

32. Morris Fletcher TUTTLE son of Samuel and Lydia TUTTLE.

33. Roxa L. TUTTLE wife of Aden CURRY.


35. unknown

36. Barney MARKLE

37. Mary Ann wife of Barney MARKLE.

38. Melissa Jane wife of George ALLEN.

39. William CASE.

40. Samuel DAVIS.

41. George H. GEAR; Thomas GEAR.

42. Isaac GEAR.

43. Tamsan GEAR.