The Log Church was built in 1832 and the first burying ground in West Zorra was around the church. Isobel MacKay was the first person buried in November 1829, her stone being replaced many years later by her descendants. For the first two years the church was without a pulpit, pews or stove. In 1833, a grant of 50 pounds was presented to the Presbyterians of Zorra. One half of this amount was used to provide a pulpit, pews and other necessities for the Log Church and other half to start the building of the "Old Kirk" church in Embro. In 1835, the Rev. D. McKenzie was called as pastor. The call was signed by 81 men, among them the names MacKay, Ross, Murray, McDonald, Matheson, Munro, Fraser, Gordon, Campbell, McIntosh, Mc Pherson, McLeod, Calder, Forbes, Barclay, Kennedy, Gray, Lesley and Rose.

The Old Log Church was originally the religious centre of a parish that extended almost 25 square miles. The church was only used until 1836 as a church but for many years it was used for weekly or monthly prayer meetings. The last meeting was held June 10, 1861 and soon after it was torn down. A small stone cairn in the shape of a church was placed on the spot where the church stood.

From the booklet "TRAVEL OUR ROUTES TO FIND YOUR ROOTS..." by Kathy Fraser and Lynn Munro. A self-guided car tour of Zorra's Churches and Cemeteries.

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